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It Takes Two

Every other year since 2005, the Lynden community shows their appreciation to the Lynden United Church for their support in the community by staging a fundraising dinner cabaret.

Linda Davis and Roger Girard, who directs the show, had been involved in the Lynden Community Choir, which also performs every other year on the even years.

“The church reverts from being a church and gets turned into a theatre every two years [for the community choir]”, said Davis. “Stages go up, huge lighting goes up, it’s just a phenomenal thing. This is just our way of saying thank you.”

“The church is like a community center, it has programs every night of the week.” ~ Roger Girard

“The church is like a community center, it has programs every night of the week,” added Girard. “So this is our community’s response to their open doors.”

Davis said that the church ran many youth programs including “video dances, a girls chat group where they can talk about their problems, cooking classes, guests come in and do make up. “A lot of stuff for kids.”

“If the church runs out of money, that huge community resource is gone. So it’s really important as a community that we support it,” she said.

They decided to hold the cabaret on the odd years to raise money for the church.

They chose the cabaret because it was a smaller production which allowed more variety of music, including blues and jazz, compared to the community choir.

“The show is as much fun for the audience as it is for us,” said Davis.

“[We] really enjoy singing and playing and that’s what we want to share with everybody,” added Karen Hunt, a performer in the cabaret.

Lisa Landoni, who had been in the community choir since she was seven years old, is also one of the performers in the cabaret this year.

“When Linda did the youth shows, I was in all of those, so I’ve just grown up with them,” said Landoni. “It’s always fun to get out and see everyone coming to the show from the community and everyone seems to really enjoy it.”

While the community choir drew people from Hamilton, Ancaster and other areas of Flamborough, the cast of the cabaret was from around Lynden.

This year, its fourth production, is called “It Takes Two”, a tribute to duets.

“It’s about duets because we decided that there was such a partnership between the community and the church,” said Davis. The idea then grew to partnerships in music and finally duets.

“Roger writes all the arrangements which are so stunningly amazing,” added Davis.

The show draws a crowd of 200 people each night for two nights at the Lynden Legion hall. It starts with dinner and a cash bar at 6pm, followed by the show at 8pm.

“There is a roast beef dinner, beautiful meal always, done by the church ladies, with homemade desserts,” said Davis.

Bar proceeds go to the Lynden Legion as they donate the venue.

Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased by calling Suzanne Brooks at 519-647-2385 or Sue Couch at 519-647-2418.

The show runs April 1st and April 2nd.

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