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Returning 50 Billion USD to its Rightful Owners

The threat of exploitation hovers over migrant workers in Asia as many move from their impoverished home countries to economically successful neighbours to find better income, often in unskilled labour jobs.

From unpaid wages to human trafficking, the International Labour Organization estimates that US$ 50 billion is stolen from workers in the “worst” forms of exploitation. The total cost associated with “lesser” infractions that might go unreported could amount to many times more.

Many of these migrant workers return to their homes abandoning their court claims, unclaimed wages or simply to run from their abusers.

Justice Without Borders (JWB) is an organization formed in 2013 to help provide access to justice for these migrant workers through cross border litigation, using Asia as the geographic test bed for their pilot project.

Working with law teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines, JWB was able to obtain $11 of pro-bono services for every $1 raised.

With a strong belief in affecting positive social changes in our community, we at ID3NTITY took the opportunity to offer our writing and media expertise to their grant writing team to support their fundraising campaign. While working in the team, we identified a further need to organize their grant applications and easily sort through their grant makers and developed a custom database to keep track of the documents related to the process.

As part of our efforts to support positive social change in the community, your organization is welcome to contact us to see if we are aligned on a common mission and discuss how we can help to provide you with access to services to aid in the mission.

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